Almost Awesome Esports Podcast

Almost Awesome Esports is a weekly podcast designed to provide weekly news and analysis covering major esports tournaments, with a major focus on the Oceanic region, and improving the exposure, and relevance of the oceanic esports scene.

Each week, Taron, Benn and Simon speak about the latest developments in the esports world. We cover everything from League of Legends, to Counter Strike, Smite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and anything in between.

We also aspire to provide interviews with some of Australia’s top talent over varying esports and teams, to provide you, the listener with an insight into the life of esports professionals, and give you a look behind the scenes.


Taron is the founder of Almost Awesome Esports and the main interviewer for special guest interviews. Taron follows a large variety of esports, including League of Legends (NA, EU, China, Korea, Oceania), Counter Strike, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Benn is the main host of Almost Awesome Esports, and is our resident expert on the professional Rocket League scene. Benn has a terrible sense of humour, which you will grow to love.

Simon is the editor of Almost Awesome Esports, and our resident Counter Strike and Smite expert, with a real passion for the Oceanic Professional League. Simon spends many hours face palming at Benn’s cringeworthy humour.


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